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Weekly Update

tree in kenya

Where the Church Grows

Christianity is booming in Africa, with growth and endurance in the face of persecution. Perhaps the West's slowness to recognize this reality points to a moral wound.

Jun 20, 2024
European union parliament

Utopian Dreams and Disillusionment

The utopian visions of the modern West can never quite deliver: they fail to map onto a true anthropological vision of a fallen and limited humanity.

Jun 13, 2024

Principle and Sentiment

The Netherlands' approval of assisted suicide for a healthy woman due to mental suffering has reignited euthanasia debates, highlighting a shift from traditional Christian values to modern autonomy and freedom.

Jun 6, 2024
waves on rocks

A Polarized World is a Clear World

A polarized world is often an uncomfortable world - but it's also a world in which the Christian mission is clear. And that’s no small gift.

May 30, 2024
finnish cathedral

God's Sovereignty Over Our Worst Ideas

Within the modern West, it's less clear today than it might have been several decades ago what it means for a man to be a good man, where he should direct his hopes, and how he's meant to live.

May 23, 2024
playing children

Populating Eternity

Caring for children is a natural and excellent context for giving rather than receiving, which is an obvious goal for anyone convinced of the Christian ideal that one finds one's life by losing it.

May 16, 2024
annotated scripture

Wild Living Intellects

With belief in a revelation necessarily comes belief in infallibility: without a doctrine of infallibility, belief in a revelation simply couldn’t hold together.

May 9, 2024

What is a University for?

Fierce protests at university campus across the country beg a question: why are those protests occurring on campuses, specifically? Perhaps we first need to ask a more fundamental question: what is a university for?

May 2, 2024
newspapers in garbage

Remembering What Side of Eternity We're On

News cycles tend to the ultimate and the catastrophic, and current events have headlines running at a high pitch.

Apr 25, 2024
church in city

A Confessing Church

The Church and her mission are counting on Christians who have gotten to know Jesus and who have, as a result, something to say about him to their neighbor.

Apr 18, 2024