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Weekly Update

Ultrasound images

When the Government Calls Human Embryos "Chattel"

A judge in Virginia uses a precedent from the slavery era to rule on a case involving the custody of human embryos, revealing much about the modern mind's vision.

Mar 16, 2023
Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris

Secularism and the Cathedral

The storied Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, which has stood watch over centuries of Christendom and centuries of secularity, is set to reopen its doors after a disastrous 2019 fire.

Mar 9, 2023
A field in Ukraine

A Year in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine a year later; argumentation and education; contention in Nigeria.

Mar 1, 2023
Sunrise over the planet

Lent, Dopamine, and Global Christianity

As the global population shifts away from the West and the West abandons its spiritual vision, the question arises: what will worldwide Christian leadership look like in the future?

Feb 23, 2023
A planted and unplanted field

Feasting and Fasting

The Catholic tradition has long recognized the importance of both feasting and fasting. When done in community, the effects are even more profound.

Feb 16, 2023
A man shining a flashlight into the night sky

On Scientific Exploration

Genuine science and Christianity have never been at odds with one another.

Feb 9, 2023
A flower in Congo

The Swamp of Evil and the Diamond of Creation

The scenes and energy from Pope Francis’ visit to Congo are bringing attention to a part of the world where two things are manifestly evident: violence and persecution are strong, but the faith is stronger.

Feb 2, 2023
Stack of books

Public Education and Parents

Our modern understanding of public education as neutral education contradicts both philosophy and history.

Jan 26, 2023
Monastery ruins

Quantifying the Human Consequences of Losing Religion

The results are in (again): religious faith and practice are linked to healthier lives and relationships.

Jan 19, 2023
Statue of an angel holding the cross

In the Context of the Cross

Christians are reminded to view all aspects and events of our lives in the context of relationship with God and the cross.

Jan 12, 2023