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Human Person

Capitol rotunda

The Difficult Yet Noble Art of Politics

Like any art, politics can become excellent or even beautiful. We must strengthen our habits, know our history, cherish our traditions, and build up our institutions.

Dr. Kevin Walker
Jun 22, 2023
A double rainbow over a lake

The Celebration of Love

A quest of love need not be redefined by our own efforts.

Prime Matters
Jun 13, 2023
A beer mug

Spiritual Drinking

What sorts of things should we keep in mind to develop a specifically Catholic view of drinking?

Prime Matters
Apr 12, 2023
Standing on a peak

Virtue and Mental Health

What does virtue have to do with mental health? A psychologist explains.

Dr. Paul Vitz
Rev. Craig Vasek
Jan 4, 2023
Oxford University

In Memory of Father Ian Ker

A reflection on the life of Oxford theologian and Newman scholar Fr. Ian Ker from a pupil and friend.

Dr. Matthew C. Briel
Nov 17, 2022
Contrasting doors

The Enemy Next Door

The modern mind has turned back to an ancient pagan distinction between two kinds of enemies, and in our confusion, we have begun to ask “Who is my enemy?” rather than “Who is my neighbor?”

Dr. Jordan Almanzar
Nov 1, 2022
Overgrowth through a window

Why Read Brideshead Revisited?: A Meditation on Sloth

Evelyn Waugh’s "Brideshead Revisited" presents an image of sloth, the vice of rejecting God's love and our spiritual inheritance.

Prime Matters
Oct 12, 2022
A suit of armor

True Manhood, True Honor

Through an example of the sort of sacrifice the world tends to see as foolish and dishonorable, author Evelyn Waugh provides an image of true manhood and true honor.

Prime Matters
Sep 15, 2022
A statue of Christ crucified

The Hidden Origins of Victim Culture

The modern world's fixation on victimhood status is unique across cultures and history. From where did it arise?

Dr. Jordan Almanzar
Sep 8, 2022
A sunny day at Lake Como

A Vital Encounter With Creation

Modern life often unfolds surrounded by the handiwork of man rather than the handiwork of God. Encounters with nature help us to embrace the rhythm and gift of Creation.

Prime Matters
Sep 1, 2022