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Catholics at Mass

A Kingship Not of This World

The kingdom Jesus has founded is a real kingdom, a visible polity, a social organization – but it will not be founded on or extend itself by worldly means.

Msgr. James P. Shea
Jun 27, 2024

The Return of Stonehenge

Many people are actively seeking a connection with something greater than themselves. What a gift it would be for them to encounter the promise of eternal life given by Christ.

Prime Matters
Jun 20, 2024
Thumbnail for An Unknown Future and a Known God

An Unknown Future and a Known God

In an age in which many have heard the name of Jesus but few have encountered him, Christians are called to spread a message of liberty to captives. Have no fear: you were born for this.

Rev. John Riccardo
Mary Guilfoyle
Msgr. James P. Shea
Aug 16, 2022
Actively Receiving, Actively Rejecting podcast thumbnail

Actively Receiving, Actively Rejecting

Turning to God involves rejecting that which holds us back from him. Actively receiving and actively rejecting are two sides of the same act of faith.

Msgr. Thomas J. Richter
May 5, 2022
Spiritual Bachelerhood hero image

Spiritual Bachelorhood

Faith acknowledges the needs of the heart and relates them to Jesus. However, due to original sin, we often sit in self-made aloneness, failing to bring our needs to him.

Msgr. Thomas J. Richter
Apr 28, 2022
Christian, Not Pagan hero image

Christian, Not Pagan

As Christians, we need to make sure that we’re getting God right; however, many of us have a pagan vision of prayer.

Msgr. Thomas J. Richter
Apr 21, 2022
Curtis and Michaelann Martin Thumbnail

Mission and Marriage with Curtis and Michaelann Martin

The life of grace is an adventure with friends. Curtis and Michaelann Martin reflect on their marriage, work with FOCUS, and pursuit of the Gospel.

Curtis Martin
Michaelann Martin
Msgr. James P. Shea
Apr 7, 2022
Sarah Swafford YouTube Thumbnail

Dating and Courtship with Sarah Swafford

Singleness isn’t a puzzle to be solved. Dating isn’t our source of dignity and worth. A coffee date isn’t a marriage proposal. So what do Christian dating and courtship look like?

Sarah Swafford
Mar 31, 2022
A cross faces the sunrise

A Conversation on Catholic Mindfulness

Drs. Gregory Bottaro and James Link, both Catholic clinical psychologists, discuss Dr. Bottaro's work as founder of the CatholicPsych Institute and his work in the area of Catholic mindfulness.

Dr. Gregory Bottaro
Dr. James Link
Mar 24, 2022
Sr. Miriam James Heidland

Restoration from the Heart

Sr. Miriam James Heidland and Fr. Craig Vasek ​discuss prayer, healing, and the restoration Christ offers.

Sr. Miriam James Heidland
Rev. Craig Vasek
Jan 27, 2022