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The Christian Athlete: Where is Your Strength?

Elite athletes are characterized by their self-discipline and willpower. Christian athletes know, however, that their true strength comes from the Lord.

Dr. Luis Fernando Aragón-Vargas
Oct 26, 2022

The Christian Athlete: Sports as a Tool

Christian athletes are often taught that their Christianity should help them be better athletes - but perhaps it's better to look at sport as a tool for becoming better Christians.

Dr. Luis Fernando Aragón-Vargas
Sep 7, 2022
Physical training

The Christian Athlete: Sports and Health

The Christian tradition offers insights into the importance of physical training and the need for an active balance in the lives of athletes.

Dr. Luis Fernando Aragón-Vargas
Aug 11, 2022
World Cup trophy on a field

The Christian Athlete: Me, an Idolater?

Nobody needs another idol: young people need leaders, role models, examples of human virtue. They need the true God.

Dr. Luis Fernando Aragón-Vargas
Jun 16, 2022
A sprinter on the blocks

The Christian Athlete: Sports Talent

Christians are called to use their talents for good, and this applies no less to Christian athletes. What does it mean for Christian athletes to use their talents well?

Dr. Luis Fernando Aragón-Vargas
May 26, 2022
A basketball flies through the hoop

Tougher Together

Tim Miles, head coach of the San José State University men's basketball team, offers insights on leadership and the formation of students and athletes.

Tim Miles
Rev. Craig Vasek
Joe Kittell
Mar 3, 2022
A football helmet in the grass during practice

Snaps. Chutes. Boards. Repeat.

Retired Super Bowl champion Matt Birk speaks on the importance of virtue, commitment, and doing the little things right both in athletics and the life of faith.

Matt Birk
Rev. Craig Vasek
Dec 9, 2021
Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona

Leveraged Arenas and College Athletics

Thomas Wurtz, founder of FOCUS's Varsity Catholic, joined Fr. Craig Vasek to discuss the relationship between athletics, evangelization, and leveraged arenas.

Thomas Wurtz
Rev. Craig Vasek
Oct 14, 2021
A woman running into the mountains

Awe and Admiration

Sabrina Little, PhD, a philosophy instructor at Morehead State University in Kentucky and an elite ultramarathoner, spoke with Fr. Craig Vasek on awe, admiration, and motivation.

Dr. Sabrina Little
Rev. Craig Vasek
Sep 23, 2021
A quaterback preparing to throw in pre-game warmups

Docility, Detachment, and Identity

Retired professional quarterback and football coach Brooks Bollinger joined Fr. Vasek and Coach Craig Bagnell to discuss docility, detachment, and identity in sport.

Brooks Bollinger
Craig Bagnell
Rev. Craig Vasek
Jul 1, 2021