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Human Person

Light Shining on a Dark Road

Being a Christian Counselor in a Secular Environment

Christianity offers the answer to all questions of human existence. For counselors in a secular environment, this demands patience and trust that Christ will bring healing to those who suffer.

Dr. Kristi Bitz
Dec 4, 2020
A Man with a Messenger Bag and a Book

How Virtuous Capitalism Reins in Selfishness

Once we grasp the distinction between selfishness and self-interest, we are able to see that virtuous capitalism is directed to serving the needs of others and assisting in human flourishing.

Dr. Karel Sovak
Dec 4, 2020
Sunset at Cape Sounion, Greece


Whether arising from fear, pride, or a psychological disorder, scrupulosity forms a serious obstacle to our ability to recognize and rejoice in God's mercy toward us in our weakness.

Rev. Robert Shea
Dec 4, 2020