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Humans in a digital environment

The Gnostic Ideologies of the Modern Age

Many people in the West have accepted one of two modern narrative visions of the world: the techno-nationalist vision and the equity-justice vision. What are they?

Dr. Jonathan J. Reyes
Dec 6, 2022
Oxford University

In Memory of Father Ian Ker

A reflection on the life of Oxford theologian and Newman scholar Fr. Ian Ker from a pupil and friend.

Dr. Matthew C. Briel
Nov 17, 2022
A statue of Jesus in Montreal

Making the Gospel ‘Real’ in a Gnostic World

There is a particular urgency for evangelization today. Catholic universities are uniquely positioned to play a powerful role in evangelization.

Dr. Jonathan J. Reyes
Nov 9, 2022
Contrasting doors

The Enemy Next Door

The modern mind has turned back to an ancient pagan distinction between two kinds of enemies, and in our confusion, we have begun to ask “Who is my enemy?” rather than “Who is my neighbor?”

Dr. Jordan Almanzar
Nov 1, 2022

The Christian Athlete: Where is Your Strength?

Elite athletes are characterized by their self-discipline and willpower. Christian athletes know, however, that their true strength comes from the Lord.

Dr. Luis Fernando Aragón-Vargas
Oct 26, 2022
Math problems

An Ode to Math, Leisure, and God

This is leisure. This is knowing God more.

Alexander Mains
Oct 19, 2022
A woman dancing in a field

The Dignity of Occupation

Viewing the dignity of the human person through a Christian lens brings occupational therapy to life.

Dr. Julie Sandvig
Oct 5, 2022
A forest path at daybreak

The Love of Learning and the Desire for God: A Path to Joy

What is truth, and how does it relate to God? Even more precisely, why do we call God Truth itself?

Dr. David Tamisiea
Sep 29, 2022
A statue of Christ crucified

The Hidden Origins of Victim Culture

The modern world's fixation on victimhood status is unique across cultures and history. From where did it arise?

Dr. Jordan Almanzar
Sep 8, 2022

The Christian Athlete: Sports as a Tool

Christian athletes are often taught that their Christianity should help them be better athletes - but perhaps it's better to look at sport as a tool for becoming better Christians.

Dr. Luis Fernando Aragón-Vargas
Sep 7, 2022