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The Facade of the Lateran Basilica

Science within the Church

What does it mean to be a Catholic scientist?

Most Rev. David D. Kagan
Feb 16, 2023
A chapel under a starry sky

The Myth of Chance

In the myth of chance, reason itself loses its footing on which to stand. For in a world of random accidents, there is no objective truth to build upon or assert.

Rev. Shane Deman
Feb 15, 2023
Two rowers

The Christian Athlete: Me, Myself, and I

The life of an athlete is demanding, and the temptation to become overly focused on oneself is always present.

Dr. Luis Fernando Aragón-Vargas
Feb 15, 2023
An athlete dunking

The Christian Athlete: Ideals

Christian leaders, popes, and early Church Fathers have long recognized that Christians can imitate athletes in the way they train and compete.

Dr. Luis Fernando Aragón-Vargas
Feb 7, 2023
Chess board

Strategic Recommendations for Evangelization in a Gnostic World

Christians living in the midst of the Gnostic visions of the modern world will benefit from five key recommendations based on St. John Henry Newman's insights into belief and imagination.

Dr. Jonathan J. Reyes
Feb 7, 2023
Hands at prayer on a Bible

Praying With Scripture: It’s Not About You

If praying with Scripture isn’t only about you or me, then what more is it about? It’s about Jesus. It is all about Jesus.

Joshua Burks
Feb 1, 2023
Humans in a digital environment

The Gnostic Ideologies of the Modern Age

Many people in the West have accepted one of two modern narrative visions of the world: the techno-nationalist vision and the equity-justice vision. What are they?

Dr. Jonathan J. Reyes
Dec 14, 2022
Oxford University

In Memory of Father Ian Ker

A reflection on the life of Oxford theologian and Newman scholar Fr. Ian Ker from a pupil and friend.

Dr. Matthew C. Briel
Nov 17, 2022
A statue of Jesus in Montreal

Making the Gospel ‘Real’ in a Gnostic World

There is a particular urgency for evangelization today. Catholic universities are uniquely positioned to play a powerful role in evangelization.

Dr. Jonathan J. Reyes
Nov 9, 2022
Contrasting doors

The Enemy Next Door

The modern mind has turned back to an ancient pagan distinction between two kinds of enemies, and in our confusion, we have begun to ask “Who is my enemy?” rather than “Who is my neighbor?”

Dr. Jordan Almanzar
Nov 1, 2022