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Caravaggio's "Annunciation"

What Is a Disciple?

To be a disciple of Christ is to accept him as one's intimate teacher and guide, living within his all-encompassing rule of life.

Caravaggio's "Supper at Emmaus"

The Fascinating and Fateful Encounter with Jesus

John's Gospel shows us the central elements of becoming a disciple: the importance of witness, a seeking heart, and the attractive potency of the personality of Jesus.

Caravaggio's "Conversion of Saint Paul"

The Call to Conversion

God loves us in the midst of whatever our sins or imperfections may be, and he does not withhold his love from us. It is precisely from this love that the call to conversion arises.

Caravaggio's "Calling of Saints Peter and Andrew"

The Decision to Become a Disciple

To become a disciple requires something far more than being intrigued, interested, or moved by Christ: to become a disciple is to make a firm act of will to give one's life away.

Philippe de Champaigne's "Saint Augustine"

Mind and Heart

The Scriptural writers used the words 'mind' and 'heart' differently than we do today. It is important we understand the difference lest we acquire a flawed vision of the human person.

Caravaggio's "Madonna di Loreto"

Developing a Healthy Devotional Life

Devotional life is a necessary expression of the Catholic principle of sacramentality. A healthy devotional life will be marked by balance, humility, and fidelity to the Church.