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Explainer Video 1: Catholic Imaginative Vision

Primer Video: Catholic Imaginative Vision

Every society and individual views the world through a moral and spiritual imaginative vision...

Thumbnail for Christendom and Apostolic Explainer Video

Primer Video: Christendom and Apostolic Modes of Engagement

There are two basic modes by which the Church engages the wider society in its mission to build the Kingdom of God: an apostolic mode and a Christendom mode.

Christianity, Science, and Scientism Thumbnail

Primer Video: Christianity, Science, and Scientism

A common misconception is that science and religion are fundamentally at odds. Oftentimes this misconception arises from a flawed philosophic stance that has been called 'scientism.'

Christianity as a Revealed Religion Thumbnail

Primer Video: Christianity as a Revealed Religion

If Christianity is a decisive revelation from God, the only sensible thing to do is receive it and put it into practice. If it is not, we are left to look elsewhere for wisdom.

Sorcery, Science, and Christianity thumbnail

Primer Video: Sorcery, Science, and Christianity

Modern science and technology have both sorcery and science as their ancestors. This dual ancestry impacts our thinking more than we know.

Thumbnail for Traditionalist, Progressive Primer

Primer Video: Traditionalist, Progressive: Sorting Out the Catholic Tradition

Catholic life has been increasingly dominated by questions of tradition, with many defining themselves based on their understanding of tradition. What is it, and what is its role in the life of faith?

Origins of Catholic Education thumbnail

Primer Video: The Origins of Catholic Education

Is our society as highly educated as we tend to think? To understand Western education, we must go back to the ancient Greeks' discovery of paideia and its eventual impact on Christianity.

Remembering Who We Are Thumbnail

Primer Video: Remembering Who We Are

Can it be that you have entirely forgotten who you are?