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J. Ferrer y Palloja's "A Monk at Prayer"

Episode 1: The Christian Vision of Prayer

Msgr. Thomas Richter presents the Christian vision of prayer, which is concerned with allowing God to act rather than convincing him to.

Henry Ossawa Tanner's "Annunciation"

Episode 2: Active Receptivity and Active Rejectivity

Prayer is focused on actively receiving from God, which requires that one utilizes an often-overlooked act of faith: actively rejecting all that is not from God.

Fritz von Udhe's "Let the Little Children Come to Me"

Episode 3: Rethinking Discernment and Relationship

Christian discernment can only take place once one has experienced the presence of Christ and has begun to receive from the heart of God.

Jules Bastien-Lepage's "Joan of Arc"

Episode 4: How God Speaks, Part 1

In order to hear God speak, one must become aware of the movements of one’s interior life and understand their origins.

Albert Chevallier-Tayler's "St. Ignatius Convalesces at Loyola"

Episode 5: How God Speaks, Part 2

Spiritual consolation on the third level of the human heart is God’s most basic language: he gives encouragement and energy concerning one’s relationship with him.