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Raphael's "The Conversion of the Proconsul"

The Point of Apologetics

The point of apologetics is not the mere winning of arguments; instead, it is meant to show the reasonableness of the Gospel, clearing away obstacles to an authentic encounter with Christ.

Raphael's "Transfiguration"

Christianity as a Revealed Religion

If God has revealed himself definitively to humanity, the sensible thing to do is receive that revelation and live accordingly. Otherwise, we are left to find our way as best we can.

Raphael's "The Disputation of the Holy Sacrament"

The Sacred Scriptures

In order to understand the Scriptures, we must recognize their simultaneous human and divine origins: through the Bible we encounter the living Being who inspired its human authors.

Raphael's "Ezekiel's Vision"

The Importance of Mystery in Christian Belief

Mystery lies at the heart of the Catholic imaginative vision. To understand what this means, we must get clear on what 'mystery' truly means.

Boltraffio's "The Resurrection of Christ"

The Case for the Resurrection

As one examines the historical data behind the astonishing claim that Jesus rose from the dead, it becomes clear that the Christian claim of the Resurrection is the simplest explanation.

Michelangelo's "Fall and Expulsion from the Garden"

The Significance of the Bad News

Does the evil we so constantly experience arise because of a deep moral flaw within each individual person, or does it come upon us from a source outside of us?

Michelangelo's "Last Judgment"

On Being Saved

"Are you saved?" "Have you been born again?" The Catholic answers to these common questions arise from the heart of our understanding of our vocation as Christian disciples.

Domenico Ghirlandaio's "Calling of the Apostles"

The Rule of Faith

Christian faith puts us in relationship with the living God, and this relationship cannot be established simply by individual study and personal interpretation. What is the alternative?

Raphael's "The Holy Family"

The Sense of the Faithful

How are we to understand the role of the sense of the faithful - a supernatural instinct of the devout baptized - within the context of the modern Church?