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Christian Mythic Narrative: The Deep History of the World

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"The Creation," by James Tissot

Part 1: Creation

Engulfed in an epic drama initiated by God's selfless act of creation, humanity emerges in a vast world of realities visible and invisible, playing a central role from the first breath.

"Adam and Eve Driven from Paradise," by James Tissot

Part 2: Fall

Created to be in communion with God, the first parents of the human race choose separation, resulting in a moral and spiritual collapse even as human civilization expands and grows.

"The Caravan of Abraham," by James Tissot

Part 3: Covenant

In the midst of a shattered humanity, God calls out to Abraham, inviting him and his descendants into a unique covenant: they will be the chosen people of God.

"The Gather of the Manna," by James Tissot

Part 4: Exodus

Freed from slavery in Egypt but not their bondage to disobedience, God leads the Israelites through 40 years of desert wandering to prepare them to enter the Promised Land.

"The Wisdom of Solomon," by James Tissot

Part 5: Kingdom

With the glory of a Kingdom come the temptations of a Kingdom. God promises his faithful, however, a future, everlasting Kingdom in his own image.

"The Annunciation," by James Tissot

Part 6: Incarnation

In the fullness of time, in the quiet corners of the world, God responds to our first parents' choice to separate themselves from him by becoming one of us.

"Jesus Preaches the Sermon of the Beatitudes," by James Tissot

Part 7: Messiah

As Jesus begins to separate himself from the prophetic tradition by speaking in his own name, he also begins to show himself unique in the inexplicable signs he works.

James Tissot, "The Execution of God"

Part 8: Redemption

When Jesus enters Jerusalem, a crowd proclaims him King. Less than a week later, he is handed over to the Romans and crucified, cementing his eternal reign.

"Meeting on the Road to Emmaus," by James Tissot

Part 9: Resurrection

In the midst of humanity’s darkest act – deicide, the killing of God – a light shines forth: an empty tomb and a throne at the right hand of the Father.

"Jesus Goes up Alone onto a Mountain to Pray," by James Tissot

Part 10: Reign

The war decided, but with many battles yet to ensue, the disciples of Christ inhabit the last days, awaiting the return of Christ and the ultimate fulfillment of the Kingdom.