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"Over Eternal Peace," by Isaac Levitan

Imaginative Vision

An imaginative vision forms the basis of action for societies and individuals alike, and the human imagination allows us to carry an entire world within our minds.

"Busy Time for the Mowers," by Grigoriy Myasoyedov

Christendom and Apostolic Modes of Engagement

When a society’s imaginative vision is founded on Christianity, the Church utilizes a Christendom mode of engagement; otherwise, an Apostolic mode pertains.

"Reading of the 1861 Manifesto," by Grigori Myasoyedov

Our Current Apostolic Age

We must take stock of our present time and devise engagement strategies for our current Apostolic age, lest we continue to bear a Christendom mentality and utilize Christendom approaches.

"The Road in the Rye," by Grigoriy Myasoyedov

Pastoral Strategies for an Apostolic Age

In order to direct the Apostolic impulse, we must clarify the principles and attitudes of engagement proper to our age.

"The Prisoner," by Nikolia Yaroshenko

Conversion of Vision

Conversion of vision is no easy task: it requires a dual recognition of one's current vision and the greater vision to which one is called.