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University students studying

The State of Business Education at Catholic Universities

Few Catholic universities integrate a Catholic vision into their business programs, and few theologians have engaged questions of business.

Dr. Michael J. Naughton
Apr 15, 2021
A Notebook in an Auditorium

An Integrating Vision of Business Education at Catholic Universities

For a Catholic business school to engage its mission and identity fully, a conviction in the unity of knowledge and the complementarity of faith and reason must play a central role.

Dr. Michael J. Naughton
Apr 8, 2021
Graduation Caps

A Holistic Catholic Secondary Education

Catholic education at its very best provides holistic education and formation for the whole of life, preparing students for whomever and however they are called to serve.

Rev. Jared Johnson
Feb 18, 2021
Chemistry Laboratory

Persistence and Pondering

Sister Nicole Kunze, OSB, PhD, Prioress of Annunciation Monastery, joined Msgr. James P. Shea to discuss her experience as a chemist, teacher, Benedictine, and prioress.

Sr. Nicole Kunze, OSB
Msgr. James P. Shea
Feb 16, 2021
Three Friends Hiking

Friendship in Pursuit of Truth

Much of the formation of the habit of mind by which students possess an integrated understanding of the truth occurs in the context of friendship and community at the university.

Dr. W. Scott Cleveland
Dec 28, 2020
An Elementary Classroom

The Calling of the Teacher

When one recognizes that personal interactions are central to the teaching task and that teaching must begin with the soul, it becomes clear that teaching is a vocation rather than merely a job.

Dr. Carmelita Lamb
Dec 28, 2020
Crucifix and Altar

The Purpose of a University Chaplain

The university chaplain is not primarily a counselor, a friend, or a mascot; rather, he serves as the unworthy yet unifying presence of Christ on campus.

Rev. Dominic Bouck
Dec 28, 2020
Students sitting on "A" Mountain in Tempe, overlooking ASU

The Reintegration of Intellectual and Moral Education in the University

The reintegration of intellectual knowledge and moral formation is an urgent necessity at Catholic universities if students are to receive the formation they need to navigate life.

Dr. Jonathan J. Reyes
Dec 22, 2020
The University of Toronto and Toronto Skyline

Institutionalizing a Catholic Culture in Professional Schools

The mission drift experienced by so many Catholic professional schools is rarely intentional, and the proper response is to institutionalize mission.

Dr. Michael J. Naughton
Dec 22, 2020
A Façade Divided in Color

The Sundering of Intellectual and Moral Education in the University

The sundering of intellectual and moral formation in university education - with many universities attempting to exclude the latter outright - is the result of a gradual process.

Dr. Jonathan J. Reyes
Dec 21, 2020