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About the Author

Sarah Swafford
Emotional Virtue Ministries

Sarah Swafford is the founder of Emotional Virtue Ministries. She is an accomplished speaker on topics ranging from dating and relationships to emotional virtue and interior confidence.

Sarah is a graduate of Benedictine College, where she later worked as a residence hall director. Her experience working with young men and women has shaped her speaking and writing, giving her a unique perspective on the hearts of those transitioning through the various stages of early adulthood.

In addition to frequent speaking engagements at school assemblies, retreats, rallies, and conferences, Sarah has appeared on ETWN Live and EWTN's Life on the Rock, and her insights have been guided and been featured in numerous Catholic publications and programs for young people. She is the author of Emotional Virtue: A Guide to Drama-Free Relationships.

Sarah and her husband, Dr. Andrew Swafford, reside in Atchison, Kansas, with their five children. Through her continued work with Benedictine College, she remains active in student formation and education.

Published Pieces

Sarah Swafford YouTube Thumbnail

Dating and Courtship with Sarah Swafford

Singleness isn’t a puzzle to be solved. Dating isn’t our source of dignity and worth. A coffee date isn’t a marriage proposal. So what do Christian dating and courtship look like?

Sarah Swafford
Mar 31, 2022