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About the Author

Pat McCaskey
Board Member and Vice President of Special Projects
Chicago Bears

Patrick McCaskey is a Chicago Bears’ Board Member and a Bears’ Vice President. He is Chairman of Sports Faith International which recognizes people who are successful while leading exemplary lives. Sports Faith has a radio station, WSFI, 88.5 FM, which broadcasts in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

Pat is the author of nine books including his latest “Poems About the Gospel.” He and his wife, Gretchen, have three sons: Ed, Tom, and Jim; two daughters-in-law: Elizabeth and Emily; four granddaughters: Grace, Charlotte, Violet Min, and Madeline; and one grandson, Pat.

Published Pieces

A football in the grass

Football and Faith

Pat McCaskey, VP of Special Projects for the Chicago Bears, discussed his experiences of faith and family, growing up within and eventually working for the Bears' organization.

Pat McCaskey
Rev. Craig Vasek
Jun 3, 2021