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Matt Birk
Matt Birk and Company

Matt Birk is a 15-year veteran of the National Football League and was a member of the 2013 Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. A six-time NFL Pro Bowl Selection and two-time All Pro, Matt proved to be an undisputed leader on the field and was named the sixth smartest athlete by Sporting News.  A graduate of Harvard University with a degree in economics, Matt was the recipient of the 2011 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award for his excellence both on and off the field.

Matt has used his platform as a professional athlete to speak on behalf of the pro-life movement and has spoken and written on numerous topics concerning the Catholic life of faith. He is a key member of For His Glory (4HG), a partnership in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis that seeks to increase enrollment in Catholic elementary schools and enhance their excellence.

Matt currently serves as CEO of Matt Birk and Company, utilizing his experience with the press and as an athlete to speak and consult on leadership, teamwork, inspiration, and fulfilling potential.

Matt and his wife, Adrianna, have eight children.

Published Pieces

A football helmet in the grass during practice

Snaps. Chutes. Boards. Repeat.

Retired Super Bowl champion Matt Birk speaks on the importance of virtue, commitment, and doing the little things right both in athletics and the life of faith.

Matt Birk
Rev. Craig Vasek
Dec 9, 2021