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About the Author

JM Boyd
President and Lead Consultant
Glass Canvas

With an entrepreneurial drive and extensive experience as a consultant to leading advertising and marketing agencies, JM Boyd has overseen market development on five continents, created training programs for the Canadian government, and worked with NGO’s to establish project offices in Bosnia, Hungary, and Turkey. JM has spent his adult life studying and working in the fields of marketing strategy, business development, management consulting, and cross-cultural communication, and thrives on entrepreneurship and relationship building. JM is currently the President and Lead Consultant at Glass Canvas, a Strategic FaithTech and Communications consulting company and the creators of the Tilma Platform. JM has been key in the development of the agency, growing relationships and shaping programs to help charities, non-profits, and the Church communicate effectively. Through this passion and experience, he has always taken the time to consult entrepreneurs, ministries, and startups working to build the kingdom of God.

Most recently, JM has taken on the position of Chair of the Board of Governors at Catholic Pacific College to lead them through potential opportunities for impact and growth. JM resides just outside Vancouver, BC with his wife and six children.

Published Pieces

A laptop and phone in a clean workspace

Equipping Ministries

JM Boyd, president and lead consultant of Glass Canvas, discusses his experience in helping churches, non-profits, and Christian ministries unlock their ministry potential through marketing, branding, and communications.

JM Boyd
Msgr. James P. Shea
Mar 17, 2022