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About the Author

Sabrina Little, PhD
Philosophy Instructor
Morehead State University

Sabrina Little, PhD, is an instructor of Philosophy and the Humanities at Morehead State University in Kentucky.

Before completing her PhD in Philosophy at Baylor University in 2020, Dr. Little studied philosophy of religion at Yale Divinity School and philosophy and psychology at The College of William and Mary. Little's primary areas of interest are the nature of moral habituation and emotional precursors to moral virtues.

Little is an ultramarathon runner and has represented the United States on five national teams.

Published Pieces

A woman running into the mountains

Awe and Admiration

Sabrina Little, PhD, a philosophy instructor at Morehead State University in Kentucky and an elite ultramarathoner, spoke with Fr. Craig Vasek on awe, admiration, and motivation.

Dr. Sabrina Little
Rev. Craig Vasek
Sep 23, 2021