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About the Author

Dr. Michael J. Morris
Assistant Professor of Theology
University of Mary

Michael J. Morris, PhD, serves as Assistant Professor of Theology and Director of the Christian Leadership Center at the University of Mary. Dr. Morris completed his undergraduate studies in business, theology, and philosophy at the University of Mary before earning an MA in Scripture from the Augustine Institute and a PhD in Biblical Studies from Trinity College Dublin. After serving as an instructor for the Denver Catholic Biblical School and the St. Francis School of Theology for Deacons (both of which are divisions of the St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver), Dr. Morris returned to the University of Mary in 2018.

Published Pieces

A confessional

Sealing Confession: A Theological Justification for Keeping a Lid on It

Recent political challenges to the seal of confession have called into question the role of the sacrament of Reconciliation in the life of the Catholic faith.

Dr. Michael J. Morris
Dr. Jared Schumacher
Apr 22, 2021