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About the Author

Dr. Luis Fernando Aragón-Vargas
Professor of Human Movement Science
University of Costa Rica

Luis Fernando Aragón-Vargas, PhD, currently serves as a professor of human movement science at the University of Costa Rica.

After completing his undergraduate studies in physical education at the University of Costa Rica in 1981, Aragón-Vargas earned an MS in physical education from the University of Michigan in 1983 and a PhD in kinesiology and exercise science in 1994. He first began his work at the University of Costa Rica in 1983, and in addition to years of experience in higher education has served in a variety of research and consulting roles, including as a consulting scientist for the Gatorade Sports Science Institute from 1997 to 2008. Aragón-Vargas served as director of the Human Movement Science Research Center from 2017 to 2021.

In addition to past participation in high school and college volleyball, Aragón-Vargas has completed several triathlons, is an experienced runner, and remains physically active.

Published Pieces

World Cup trophy on a field

Me, an Idolater?

Nobody needs another idol: young people need leaders, role models, examples of human virtue. They need the true God.

Dr. Luis Fernando Aragón-Vargas
Jun 16, 2022
A sprinter on the blocks

Sports Talent

Christians are called to use their talents for good, and this applies no less to Christian athletes. What does it mean for Christian athletes to use their talents well?

Dr. Luis Fernando Aragón-Vargas
May 26, 2022