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About the Author

Dr. Jeremy Skrzypek
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
University of Mary

Jeremy Skrzypek, PhD, is assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Mary. He received his BA in philosophy from the State University of New York at Buffalo, his MA in philosophy from the University of Saskatchewan, and his PhD in philosophy from Saint Louis University.

His main areas of research are metaphysics, medieval philosophy, and philosophy of religion. He wrote his dissertation on hylomorphism, the theory that material objects are comprised of both matter and form, and he continues to think and write about how best to understand and apply this theory.

Published Pieces

A man on a dock looking over a lake in the mountains

Method in Metaphysics: Discovering the Fundamental Structure of Reality

Metaphysicians aim to determine what sorts of things exist and what those existing things are like. There are several key questions we can ask about any metaphysical theory.

Dr. Jeremy Skrzypek
Mar 4, 2021