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Brooks Bollinger
Retired Professional Quarterback
National Football League

Raised in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Brooks Bollinger rose quickly through the world of college football as quarterback for the University of Wisconsin, leading the Badgers to victory in the Rose Bowl as a redshirt freshman. Bollinger played in the NFL for six years, most prominently for the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings.

After retiring from playing football, Bollinger continued as a coach, first as quarterbacks coach at the University of Pittsburgh and later as a high school football coach in the Twin Cities, where he lives with his family. As a coach, Bollinger has sought to instill the same virtues in his players that he first received as a student in Grand Forks, pushing them to thrive in all aspects of life.

Bollinger works as a licensed financial advisor and is married (Natalie) with five children. In addition to being involved in the life of his parish, Bollinger serves on the Minnesota Advisory Board for St. Paul's Outreach.

Published Pieces

A quaterback preparing to throw in pre-game warmups

Docility, Detachment, and Identity

Retired professional quarterback and football coach Brooks Bollinger joined Fr. Vasek and Coach Craig Bagnell to discuss docility, detachment, and identity in sport.

Brooks Bollinger
Craig Bagnell
Rev. Craig Vasek
Jul 1, 2021