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Prime Insights

A wooden crucifix in the desert

Radical Autonomy and the Principle of Formation

The principle of radical autonomy has gripped the imaginations of Westerners, but skews our vision of the Church and the Gospel.

Prime Matters
Jun 15, 2022
Fiber optics cables

A Letter Concerning Catholic Physicists

What difference does it make if a professor of physics is a Catholic?

Prime Matters
Jun 9, 2022
United States Supreme Court

Fear, the Companion of Bigotry

Insistence on arguing for one’s cause in a limited set of ways indicates a refusal to expand one’s knowledge and accept new considerations.

Prime Matters
May 26, 2022
Statue of the resurrected Christ

The Rising of Christ’s Body

Wherever the Church seeks to live in the risen power of Christ Jesus, she retains her youthful vitality.

Prime Matters
May 12, 2022
Dog tags hanging on a memorial

Divine Providence in a Time of War

Those who suffer want clarity in the face of injustice and ponder why has God allowed such chaos to come upon so many when seemingly enacted by the decisions of so few.

Prime Matters
Mar 10, 2022
A stone crucifix in the sunlight

Intellectual, Not (Merely) Devotional

What does it mean for a school to be Catholic? Does it refer to a commitment to scattered devotional practices, or does it speak to foundations in a deeper intellectual project?

Prime Matters
Jun 17, 2021
A Lone Hiker at Sunrise

Resolution for a New Year

It is time to take stock, assessing the year that has passed and re-focusing the mind and spirit for what is to come, preparing to see all things through Christian eyes.

Prime Matters
Jan 28, 2021
Light Shining on the Pieta

Real Knowledge

There are many ways notional knowledge can become real knowledge, the sort of knowledge that becomes a living truth within us. Prime Matters seeks to aid readers in this process.

Prime Matters
Dec 4, 2020
Cherry Blossoms

The Intellectual Life

The New Testament makes clear that the mind is the key area of battle and conversion, and the key task of the Catholic university is to initiate students into the Catholic imaginative vision.

Prime Matters
Dec 4, 2020
Columns in the San Giorgio Maggiore Basilica, Venice, Italy

First Principles

Prime Matters is interested in investigating the assumed first principles that undergird the Christian vision of the world, as well as those from which other views of reality around us arise.

Prime Matters
Dec 4, 2020