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I Want to Be Faithful

September 30, 2021 1 min read
A crucifix in a window

Cardinal Sarah stands up to labels: "I am neither a traditionalist nor a progressive. I teach what the missionaries taught me. I want to be faithful, that's all." The full French article, which can be translated by many web browsers, can be found here.

He must have been reading our newest feature article, "Traditionalist, Progressive: Sorting Out the Catholic Tradition"!

Pietro Perugino's "Delivery of the Keys"

Traditionalist, Progressive: Sorting Out the Catholic Tradition

During the last many decades, Catholic life has been dominated by the question of tradition: what it is, whether and how it is important, and how it should take its place in the life of faith.

Traditionalist, Progressive: Sorting Out the Catholic Tradition

Mary Eberstadt weighs in on the state of the Church.

A renaissance of faith in the United Kingdom amongst the young. Hint: it’s not Christianity.

A review of Bishop Barron’s book on the Eucharist.

An old-school Democrat stands up for the Hyde Amendment.

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Castel Gandolfo and Lago Albano

Castel Gandolfo

Overlooking a crater lake hidden within the hills southeast of Rome, the papal palace (and gardens and observatory) at Castel Gandolfo has provided popes a respite from Rome's summer heat.

Castel Gandolfo

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